Angel investments are a part of private equity investments and research shows that well-diversified professionally managed angel investments provide similar if not superior returns to other forms of private investments. The returns of angel investors are more to do with the selection of companies rather than stock market timing or economic volatility.

Angels leverage the skills and networks of fellow members to make better investment decisions. They also support the investee companies using the collective expertise of members thereby improving both the prospects of the investees and their returns.

Angel investments provide one of the highest impacts in terms of generating employment apart from  providing innovative goods and services to society

  • Members attend monthly meetings where a highly curated list of companies present in person followed by Q&A and discussions.
  • Have access to in-depth reviews, video recordings and legal & financial due-diligence reports of shortlisted companies.
  • Are provided comprehensive pre and post-investment support for documentation, monitoring and portfolio management services.
  • Opportunities for networking and free or discounted invitations to Lead Angels and partners events.

These and other individual benefits are provided at a very nominal annual fee made possible by the strength of the group.  

  • Feel free to attend one of our meetings to see if Lead Angels is right for you. You will want to attend a meeting in your area.
  • To inquire about the schedule of meetings, send us an email at
  • Then fill in the membership application that we send to you. Once we get your application we’ll contact you to arrange an interview with our membership committee. You’ll interview us as well and we’re eager to answer any questions.