About Us

About Us

Building Wealth, Backing Innovation

Founded by a team of three, originally from IIT Bombay, we’ve grown into a full-stack financial services company, offering investment, follow-on fundraising support, and compliance assistance. With 400+ members across India, the Middle East, Europe, and North America, our network facilitates presentations and investor discussions through video conference calls, and their recordings are available online.

Our mission is to create win-win partnerships between our team, founders, and investors on the journey of entrepreneurship.

Lead Angels Network now operates through Lead Angels Fund, a SEBI-registered Category-I AIF-VC Fund-Angel Fund, and is your dedicated partner in the world of startups. As a single entity on the cap table, Our investee companies appeal to institutions and venture capitalists over other angel networks’ portfolio. This also ensures compliance easing future fund raising.

Our Team

Meet Our Expert Team

Founded by a team of three individuals originally from IIT Bombay, Today we are a thirteen member team comprising engineers, MBAs, and chartered accountants, with a cumulative experience of over 200 years in various organizations. Our team provides investing expertise to our Angels and Start-ups.

Sushanto Mitra

CEO & Founder

Dhruv Nath


E N Venkat


Hanuman Tripathi

Managing Partner - Fintech Vertical

Naveena Reddy

Head - Investments

Priyanka Barot

Manager - Investor Relations

Sangeeta Sharma

Manager - Compliance, Accounts & Finance

Atharva Shah

Manager - Investments

Jash Ranawat

Manager - Investments

Martina Pereira

Associate - Administration

Shailesh Sahu

Associate - Investment